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Find a way to balance other people's requests with your personal needs. The mark of a great manager is walking away from a conversation and having everyone feel like THEY got the better deal!

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Tuesday kicks off your annual three-week heat wave as vixen Venus blazes into Scorpio and your eighth house of intimacy and erotica until November 1. There will be no holding back your seductive charms as the love planet commences the heavy breathing and pulls her box of toys out from under the bed or wherever you hide it.

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Resist the urge to share the juicy bits with your besties. Even if bae never finds out, energetically it will weaken your special connection. Trust us on this! The next two weeks are supercharged for getting a passion project off the ground or to scale up.

Not quite at the completion stage? As they say, better done than perfect.

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In the meantime, Venus is ready to have some fun as she returns to a social and serendipitous part of your chart. While for Venus, her departure from a playful and romantically charged part of your chart and return to your busy work sector is a sharp contrast for her, life is unlikely to suddenly become all work and no play. Venus not only leaves behind Mars, who has only just begun to fuel your romantic and creative passions but both adventurous lunar and playful solar vibes. In the meantime, with Mercury still in his first week in your work sector, Venus returns with a chance to put heart and mind on the same page and around your options on the job front.

In five days' time the Sun and Moon will clash to create a Full Moon but it is a very different story today and the timing couldn't be better. Just as Venus leaves your communication sector, wrapping up a mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice, the Sun and Moon come together to take over from where she leaves off. With the Sun in your communication and the Moon in your relationship sector, this is fuelling strong emotional responses, but giving them a voice in an authentic and objective way.

While your birthday month still has over two weeks to run, Venus' departure today brings you to a point where your heart has had its say, especially when it comes to a wish list for the coming year. This creates a shift in dynamics, for where Venus' focus has been more on the 'what', in his first full week in Libra, Mars is able to focus more on the 'when, where and how'.

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In the meantime, Venus' return to your income sector kicks off what can be some of the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year. Venus will return to find forces already in play across the income, work and career fronts. Today is a significant shift for Venus, the planet that rules through the heart and has a lot of sway on where your heart's desires and expectations are directed. As she leaves your financial sector today, Venus leaves you with a financial wish list that the Sun and Mars can now use as their blueprint.

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Until now it has been more about the 'what', with the focus shifting to the 'when, where and how'. In the meantime, Venus joins Mercury in an adventurous part of your chart, with a new desire for adventure set to take hold. As much as Venus' return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart will create even more nostalgia and even more focus on the past, this should also increase a sense of anticipation.

Unlike Mercury, who returned here last week and is here now until December, Venus will only spend 24 days in a nostalgic part of your chart and each of those days will bring her one step closer to her return to Sagittarius, early next month.

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  7. Weeks before the month long wind down of your old solar year even begins, Venus is taking a brief nostalgic trip down memory lane, on her way back to Sagittarius. Just six days after Mercury returned to Scorpio but with the Sun still two weeks away, Venus' return today is set to open even more new doors.

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    The lines between the past, present and future were already blurred and this will only continue. With Venus and Mercury in Scorpio heart and mind are not only back on the same page again but in a way that is very much looking to the future. Yet at the same time, with the wind down of your old solar year continuing and Mars still in his first week in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, you are also looking back.

    As Venus leaves your work sector today, she leaves you with a wish list and a better than average chance of turning her desires into reality.