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You may feel renewed by a new perspective on your life, something philosophical or spiritual that you read or learn, or an adventure that takes you away from the mundane routines of your life. Avoid making important decisions just for now.

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Instead, take in and draw upon your intuition, which can serve you exceptionally well once the dust settles. Mars, your ruling planet, aligning with Neptune can manifest in different ways.

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You may be enjoying a sense of faith in letting things unfold naturally, and this calms you. You might recognize the need for some extra time for personal activities that nourish you on a spiritual or emotional level. You might otherwise get a strong feeling that you should be taking action about a long-standing problem, helping to clear the decks for new beginnings.

Up to a point, fantasizing can be therapeutic. You may be testing your boundaries now, and your dreaming world is compelling. For some of you, there can be quite a bit of action in your private world or with your health.

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This can otherwise be a good time for starting a financial plan, taking out a loan or consolidating, paying off debt, or doing work in accounting or research. Taking charge of the areas of life where you feel uncomfortably dependent on others comes naturally now and in the coming weeks. The emphasis now is on ridding yourself of burdens. It might involve getting rid of some debt or clutter, or it might go deeper than that. Your insight into what aspects of yourself that you need to transform is compelling now. This is a time for finding or renewing a passion.

Your vision for your relationship needs is spectacular now, and someone can inspire you to pursue a dream. The desire or need to cooperate and merge with others is strong. Starting fresh in a relationship can involve taking on a new attitude or gathering the courage to make something happen. Some of you may be considering ways to find more meaning in the work you do. The New Moon that occurs this morning brings a shot of energy to the sector of your solar chart that rules work, health, and self-care routines, dear Cancer.

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Whether circumstances seem to force the matter, or motivation comes more spontaneously, the days and weeks ahead are strong for putting more heart and energy into your daily routines or work. A direct approach to your goals is not favored just for the time being—instead, this is about allowing your intuition to guide you. Entertain new feelings and desires, but take your time when it comes to pursuing them.

A New Moon brings fresh energy into your life, dear Leo, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships and creative self-expression. This is a great time for turning over a new leaf, and events occurring now can bring out your feelings, romantic inclinations, and creativity. You are more aware of your need to entertain, be entertained, celebrate, enjoy, and share yourself with others. Your personal magnetism receives a nice boost. Also today and tied into the energies of this lunation increasing its range is a Mars-Neptune alignment.

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The best way to handle Mars and Neptune coming together in your solar eighth house is to put a fantasy into motion or to consider ways to bring more imagination, romance, or spirituality into your life. Setting too high or unrealistic expectations or reading too much into what your loved one says can temporarily inflate you, but may not hold its weight. If the regular world seems black and white in comparison, then you may be missing out on the opportunity to make your current world a better place. There is the potential for magical sharing experiences today.

The desire to bond deeply with someone, or to make a spiritual connection to someone or something, can be powerful.

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If you want to make changes on the home front, this is a powerful time for taking charge, whether this is about your physical home environment, your domestic routines, your family relationships, or even your relationship with your inner self. You have the positivity of Jupiter in this same sector, and the future looks good!

A Mars-Neptune conjunction also occurs now, and you may be attracting unusual experiences and people your way. A New Moon occurs today, dear Libra, launching a cycle for you that highlights communication skills, learning, mental outlook, and daily interactions and contacts. The week or two ahead of you is strong for beginning a new project, especially one that involves writing, speaking, or learning. This is a time for finding new ways or different channels for expressing yourself or getting around and making connections.

A relationship or project may not be straightforward although there can be a lot of fantasy and desire stimulated now. Despite a strong urge to get things done these days, it can be difficult to know where to begin, so take things slowly. Take the time to consider ways to incorporate more imagination and creativity into your daily life for best results now. Setting financial goals and drawing up budgets may be in favor for some while paying more attention to the things that make you feel comfortable and secure can be in focus for others.

You could feel inspired romantically and creatively speaking. The New Moon occurs in your sign now, dear Sagittarius, giving you a gentle nudge forward, and inspiring you to believe in yourself! You can feel especially motivated to bring about needed changes in your life. Something may need to go for you to move forward with less baggage and more confidence. If expectations of loved ones are set too high, you can feel drained or discouraged.

This can also be a good time for creative approaches to family matters or activities, and for bringing more imagination to the home environment.

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Take a break from pushing ahead. A New Moon occurs in your privacy sector today, dear Capricorn, reminding you to pay attention to your needs to review, let go of negative energies, and renew your spirit.

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The weeks ahead favor a recharge of sorts as you wind down and consider ways to improve your emotional and mental health. The urge to find emotional peace of mind will be apparent, whether this comes naturally to you or circumstances push you in this direction. Listen attentively to your intuition and your dreams. With Mars and Neptune coming together in your communications sector as well now, there can be unusual conversations, connections, and synchronicities. The energy of the day is decidedly creative, but also somewhat impractical and restless.

A New Moon occurring today can serve as a push forward, dear Aquarius, and is about opening yourself up to the need for people or causes in your life. Your sense of community is strong, and emotional satisfaction can come through your interactions with, or support of, friends and associates. The weeks ahead are strong for strengthening ties in a group project or activity. Sometimes this is about friends entering or leaving your life, or the same may be true of dreams and goals.

Today, you are inclined to express your unusual or sudden desires and feelings impulsively, although it might be better to wait it out to see if you change your mind later. Additionally, you are motivated and are expressive. Intelligent and enterprising, you can be anything you desire. Being born on December 7, you are capable of educating or owning your own business. People born on this zodiac birthday are influential leaders. This card symbolizes assertiveness, success, triumph and strong will-power. Number 1 — This number signifies creativity, initiative, success, achievements, and glory.

Number 7 — This number signifies a non-conformist, genius, philosopher or a spiritual person. Blue : This is the color of truth and peace which symbolizes patience, loyalty and tranquility. Sea Green: This is a color that symbolizes happiness, calmness, hope, and abundance. Monday: This day ruled by the Moon symbolizes the need to analyze your feelings and actions before reacting to people or situations.

Thursday: This day ruled by Jupiter is a day of good fortune, success, prosperity and expanding wisdom. Your gemstone is Turquoise that helps align your chakras and become spiritually enlightened. The latest DVD player in the market for the Sagittarius man and a good pair of sexy boots for the woman. The December 7 birthday personality love gifts that accessorize their clothes. Tags december sagittarius.

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Take a look below at what this month has in store. Let's be honest, cosmic warriors: The past few weeks have been exhausting. Since October, the planets Venus and Mercury have both been spinning backward. Because of this, it's been hard to build momentum, but this retrograde relay race ends on Thursday, December 6 , when Mercury goes direct.

It will finally be easier to get things done, so embrace the motion by completing any unfinished business and putting all your exes back on ice where they belong. On Friday, December 7 , the last new moon of occurs in Sagittarius, with both the sun and moon aligning in this fiery sign. Embrace exploration during this lunation, but focus on the journeys that exist within your the dark crevices of your imagination.

There is no nocturnal illumination during a new moon: The sky is completely dark. In the past, our ancestors would use this time to focus inward by storytelling, mythologizing, and stargazing.

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  4. It's important to let this moon inspire introspection. Capricorn season begins on Friday, December 21 , as the sun shifts into this enterprising sign. Capricorn energy is all about manifestation, so for the next few weeks, consider what you would like to welcome in the New Year. Whether you're focusing on career, relationships, health, or emotions, the sun's movement through Capricorn will help you come up with practical solutions that guarantee success. The full moon in Cancer on Saturday, December 22 will create a powerful opposition between our foundation and our aspirations.

    During this bright, vivid sky, don't be surprised if you become suddenly aware of the cost of your achievement. However, don't panic.