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His needs for nurturance, closeness, and warmth in romantic situations and in partnership are at odds with his sexual and assertive needs. Perhaps he will maintain a romantic partnership such as a marriage and find other outlets for his sexual needs by way of affairs in which he can act out his more fiery, independent sexual nature that seems to run counter to his need for security, romance, and tenderness in love.

As with the example above, he may feel he has to do this for some reason or another. Perhaps he feels his sexual drive will interfere with the harmony Venus or family goals Cancer of his partnership. This aspect often plays out in such a way that people who he is romantically attracted to are radically different than those he is sexually attracted to. Perhaps he has to face the problem of not having the funds to finance his sports endeavors.

He will do one or the other! Or, he may satisfy his desire to travel Mars in Sagittarius outside of his partnership by going on trips without his partner. He may go out of his way to avoid asserting himself or getting angry with his partner, feeling that it would be disastrous to his partnership, and redirect that anger into another area of life. If Mars rules his 6th house, for example, he might channel much of his aggression and assertion into his job. As a result, he may seem like an entirely different person at work than he is at home with his partner.

Sun quincunx Moon in the natal chart suggests an individual who seems to live life constantly making adjustments and concessions. There can be a tendency to offer too much and then feeling taken advantage of.

What are some symbol meanings of Inconjunct

Passive-aggressiveness can be a problem as well. The native seems to expect that he or she has to make compromises in life in order to get what he or she wants, but in the process, undervalues his or her needs. When the native expresses his or her needs Moon , the ego balks. Indecisiveness is the result, as well as a tendency to be quite unfocused, tense, on edge, and largely unsettled. The native needs to work on accepting both the Sun and the Moon in his or her personality in order to feel whole and to avoid sabotaging relationships and life goals with self-defeating attitudes.

Adjustments that can be energy-draining are felt to be necessary and accepted as a fact of life.

Aspects in Astrology: The Inconjunct or Quincunx

From the outside looking in, we might be puzzled as to why the person cannot fulfill the needs simultaneously. Often, the individual has no idea why this cannot be done, and might blame life circumstances or others for the problem. Some astrologers have associated quincunxes with health problems. This makes sense, because the way I see it, there is a lot of misplaced energy involved when the individual works to compartmentalize the planets and points involved in a quincunx. Guilt and a sense of failure are often a by-product of the quincunx, and these can certainly contribute to health problems.

Quincunxes show areas of weakness, in terms of low self-esteem, that others find easy to prey upon. The individual, by not accepting the areas of life represented by the planets in quincunx, leaves himself or herself open to being taken advantage of. Quincunxes point to an area where we may have an inferiority complex. We have difficulty integrating these energies into our personality to the point where we are not happy with either energy.

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A vague sense of guilt is often the result, and this can undermine confidence with both energies. The key to handling quincunxes is, firstly, knowledge, and then integration.

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Awareness that the discrepancy lies within the personality is essential before integration can occur. Quincunxes can often make us feel that external events or other people are forcing us to separate, compartmentalize, or redirect the energies of the planets involved.

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We need to understand that it is, in fact, ourselves who are compartmentalizing. Check your Natal Chart for a Quincunx! A quincunx a. This is an aspect that should not be skipped over because it is actually an important piece of your Life puzzle. One very BIG reason is because 2 quincunx' plus 1 sextile make an isosceles triangle that is known as a 'Yod.

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The quincunx glyph looks like a semisextile that is upside down. A quincunx is often described as 'being between a rock and a hard place. And challenges eventually build a stronger character. Through your own inflexibility, the quincunx will teach you to either "bend" or "break.

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And whether you learn the easy way or the hard way is certainly up to you. A quincunx is thought to be one of the most difficult aspects to work with because it will not allow for retreat. There's no backing down when it comes to this aspect because you can't just think your way out of it, you have to take action on those thoughts. The quincunx will challenge you to trust your own intuition. Intuition is a very big deal when it comes to quincunx'. Remember, 2 quincunx plus 1 sextile makes a 'Yod,' which means the 'Finger of God.

This is your inner voice, which is God speaking to you and through you. The quincunx is asking you to trust your inner voice. Use that intuition, so that you can change the dynamics going on in your Life.

Introduction to INCONJUNCT/QUINCUNX aspects! — with Heather!

When you change the dynamics, then transformation takes place. When transformation takes place, then integration occurs. You will integrate "you" into your Life path instead of standing on the sidelines waiting for something to do it for you. You must do it.